My main Focus is contemporary art. I try to be a versatile artist not focused on one technique. The variety of techniques and no limits gives the ability to communicate with the viewer on every continent freely. Art gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings what sustains the dialogue with others. Because my artworks speak about issues that touch the unconscious viewer on a daily basis regardless of the geographic coordinates. Each series I create brings up a different problem, each stage supposes to provoke and surprise the audience by a form and effect of the performance. My goal is to convince individuals undifferently skirting around the art to open their minds to unconventional exhibitions.
Art is deeply rooted in my soul, each day new branches of expression breed colorful fruits of my artwork. The fertilizer for this tree can be found within the closest 10 meters square surrounding me. Everything that is around us deserves attention and becomes the purest unintentional inspiration.
I have a plan.


My studio is based in old coal-fired power station which was build in 1920 in Bytom.